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In May 1876, at the 6th World Expo held in Philadelphia, the United States, Franz Reuleaux, a German Engineer known as the “Father of Modern Kinematics”, bitterly acknowledged the rough quality of German products, and criticized the production principle of the German industry at that time - low cost and forged and fake commodities.
The brave words of Mr. Franz Reuleaux awakened the sleeping German business community. Under the national unity and opportunities of the industrial revolution era, Germans constantly explored the technological innovation, firmly and diligently improved the products, and finally changed their image and made the “Made in Germany” away from the label of “knockoff” and become a symbol of excelsior.
It must be said that the current "Made in China" is quite similar to the "Made in Germany" of the past. At present, we are in the historical period when China is transforming from a big manufacturing country to a manufacturing power, and in the face of this opportunity, we need not only German manufacturing technology, but also German manufacturing spirit.
Founders of Franz are deeply aware of this, and while studying the nearly century-old German technology and advanced management methods, we have also gathered a core team that has been deeply dedicated to German lift technology for more than 15 years, in order to actively inherit the German century-old craftsmanship spirit, to open a bright chapter in the villa home lift field in China with high quality, and to pay tribute to Mr. Franz with an excellent reputation.

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We follow the principle of “Customer foremost”, being oriented towards the ultimate customer satisfaction, aiming at providing professional products and services to our customers and building a leading service-oriented lift company in the home lift industry.

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